I'm a Parront!

     Hi guys! I'm so sorry this is so late, I meant to do some work over my teeny tiny Christmas break, but no luck! I feel like my entire year has gone this way, with the blog and pretty much everything else in my life, but next year is a fresh start and maybe I'll try to get my life together a bit.


    Anyway, I want to introduce you to the star of this post:
This is Bowie
     This was the first Christmas without my grandmother and my cat, Smokey (they died pretty much back to back earlier this year)...I've been pretty torn up about them both this whole year, but I didn't want this Christmas to suck. Like, I've seen enough bad this year, I've had enough disappointment. So on December 23rd, after months of researching and debating, I decided to buy a bird. And let me tell you, we're not even a week in and it's been a trip.

     But I wouldn't change anything about it.

     Bowie is a lovebird (peach faced is what his paperwork says) and he's just over a month old. We're getting to know each other, and I was delighted (and a tad bit frustrated) to find out he's just as sassy and stubborn as me. He hates being picked up when he gets into places he shouldn't be, he yells at me from the top of his play area, but he doesn't want me to try and handle him, so I never quite know what I'm doing right. We mostly just sit at opposite ends of the room--which isn't a very big room, there's about two feet between us--and I talk to him.

     Based on my previous bird-owning experience, I think it's going great.

     I needed something to focus my energy on, and I needed a companion. Almost all of my friends are settled down/parents, so I get pretty lonely a good chunk of the time, but I guess that's just being single in your late twenties. I've really wanted a parrot for a while, and now that I have my little guy, I couldn't be happier.

     However, I will tell you parrots are not for everyone. They're a lot of work, a lot of lifestyle adjustments, and a good chunk of frustration. "You're not eating your pellets anymore and I don't understand why" to "no, no, no, we don't do that! Get out of there!" And did I mention that this little lovebird should live about fifteen years, if I do it all right? I'm ready for that kind of commitment, but it's something I sat with for months, deciding.

     And,y'know, it's a lot like having a toddler, which is what most of the videos I watched said, and they were right. "If you're not ready for a toddler, you're not ready for a parrot." Luckily, I've spent a grand portion of my time helping to raise other people's babies and, most days, I feel emotionally ready for a child--just not financially and, y'know, there's the whole getting a fella thing that I just haven't quite mastered yet.

     So here we are. I'm not quite a week into having him yet, but I'm so in love with this little being. We have a long way to go with taming him (he was hand raised, but he's still not quite tame), and I'm so excited for this adventure we're on. If you want to find out more about what owning a parrot long-term is like, I'm going to go ahead and suggest you head over to Marlene Mc'Cohen's YouTube channel, she's owned birds for a long, long time and she's very informative (and pretty funny, but like, that may just be my sense of humor). I learned a lot from her and I keep going back there when I have questions or concerns I think she may have covered. It's a wonderful resource for parrot lovers and owners, I can't recommend it enough.

     Anyway, that's all for now. I just kind of wanted to give you guys a mini-update on my life and introduce you to my sweet baby bird. I have posts ready to queue up, I just have to add in some last minute details, so fingers crossed they'll be out before the 31st (I have three days to wrap up this year, so much for planning).

     Thanks for stopping by! It was good to see you.