Book Look: Snuff

Soooo, I'm not dead. I caught the flu at the beginning of this week--when I was due to finish a few of my horror books and start a few ARCs that'll need reviews in very short order--and I really thought I was dying. And, you know, if I had died then I would not have had to finish this book.

With an opener like that, who needs to know the rest of it, right?

Ah well, let's get into it anyway.

Okay, so when I was making my list, I read someone's blurb about this and thought "snuff film? That's perfect for a horror book list, say no more! Porn snuff film? Even better, it's gonna get weird!" And, you know...I was right about one thing. It did get weird.

So the story's told from the perspectives of three dudes and a handler on a porn set, where legendary porn actress Cassie Wright is going to break the world record for how many dudes she can bang in one go. I'm sorry, I could have put that more...delicately? Professionally? Whatever.

Anyway, to be honest with you, the only thing I really found horrifying about this book was how gross it was. I like to think I'm a pretty sexually liberated person, and it's not that any of the descriptions were particularly shocking -- it was just gross. Like, Palahniuk went into more description of the waiting room all of these dudes were waiting/masturbating in than he did for literally anything else and I could practically feel how slimy it was. By the time I finished the book, which should have been a shorter read than it was, I just felt like I needed a shower because most of the book took place in that room and I couldn't escape it.

I guess that's it. There's your horror: being trapped in a room where six hundred men have been naked eating/sitting/masturbating.

If you're looking at this book as a horror book, don't. Just...don't. I'm never quite sure how to classify Palahniuk's stuff because that dude's just kind of in a league of his own, but I wouldn't call this horror. There's no real sense of urgency or suspense, you keep following along trying to figure out how this porn film devolves into a snuff film (and, after 600 dudes in swift succession, it's a feasible thing), but by the time you get to the end of it, you just end up muttering, "what did I just read?"

You don't even get a satisfying ending, it all just kind of falls apart and ends. For a book about porn, there's really nothing even sexy about it.

There it is, the perfect way to sum up this book: gross and unsatisfying.

We've all had at least one night like that.


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