Mini Update: April Showers...May Flowers?

Okay guys, I figured it was probably time to do one of these. April has been the longest, weirdest month of the year and I just don't quite know what I'm doing anymore.

Earlier this month I started a personal horror book challenge, the list is here if you're interested in seeing what's on it. I had been looking through a veritable mountain of lists compiled by other people in blogs, on reddit, on Goodreads...anywhere I could find a list. And I hated the sound of at least half of what was on those lists, so I kept the best descriptions/reviews in mind and added the ones that felt most likely to be "horror" to my list.

You know what I've found out so far?

You can't define horror as a genre, because what's horrifying to some isn't horrifying to others. Sure, they may all revolve around a common theme/idea, but some people have a different idea of what horror is. Let's just take the movie A Quiet Place as an example. I saw this film with three other people and, after seeing it, I would classify it within the horror genre because it horrified me. It took my fear of the unknown and after seeing the creature(s), it took my concern for the characters and twisted it into fear for their every action being the wrong one, the last one. I, personally, think sitting on the very edge of my seat for about two hours with my hands clasped over my mouth (not an exaggeration) is the definition of reaction to horror.

My friend Debra, who is not a big fan of horror movies, said she would not classify it as horror. She would've classified it as drama or suspense. She sat right alongside me, twitching and covering her mouth, but at the end of it all she wouldn't think of it as horror. She usually associates gore and murder with the horror genre; I think you can find gore in just about any genre of movie these days, and I usually classify murder in the suspense/drama genre,  with a few exceptions.

Anyway, work's just been a mess. We're trying to get everything ready for the summer reading program and, in the middle of finalizing paperwork, I got the flu. That's been the first time in my life that I remember being so sick my teeth hurt. I'm heading to Los Angeles in six days, so I'm trying to do all of my packing before it's officially "last minute" (which is my usual m.o.), while attempting to reignite my social life and read a few ARCs for review later this month.

Since it's been such a mess this month, I really hope I can reap some rewards next month like, I dunno, good health and maybe a chance to relax? 😂 I guess we'll see!

See you