Cover Reveal: Hidden in a Small Town

I've been having the longest, weirdest day. I meant to get this out earlier to you guys, but I mean...look, it's been weird. This week will be weirder before it's over, I'm sure; however, this isn't about me! This is about this super awesome book that I just got the ARC for. I cannot wait to get into this thing, you have no idea how excited I've been for this.

I know I showed you guys the jacket on Instagram, but let's get a look at it again:

Look at how beautiful this is! Doesn't that abandoned heel just send shivers down your spine? It appeals to me in all of the right ways, I have to resist starting it tonight so I can get some sleep 😂 but tomorrow! AHHH.

Are you curious about the fantastic woman who wrote this book? Wonder no more! She's on Goodreads and Facebook! If you want to pre-order this for your Kindle, head over here (it's criminally cheap at $3.99) and get you one. My review will probably go up after the official release date, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the last you're going to hear from me on it.

Here's a little bit more about Stacy in her own words:

Stacy M Wray loves writing and reading anything romance - Judy Blume being one of the first authors she read in middle school. After all, a world without love, heartache and angst would prove a boring place to live.

Lover of gray and white cats, craver of all things sweet, enthusiast of hiking and camping, wife of an extremely supportive husband, and mom to two amusing adult children, she realizes life is pretty damn good.

She also appreciates that it's never too late to try something new. Never.
TBH, she's my kinda lady: I also love kitties and sweet things, but I'm more like the hellbeast who never crawls out of her cave long enough to appreciate sunlight, nevermind hiking and camping! 😅 Anyway, yes, I'm very excited for this book. VERY excited.
I'll see you guys soon.


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