Release Blitz: All of You

Alright loves, here we are: the official release blitz for All of You by the very lovely Fabiola Francisco (yes, I did go ahead and check my spelling because I'm a nitpicking Virgo). I finished this book on the plane back from Denver and, let me tell you, it went places I didn't quite expect but wholeheartedly appreciated.

These characters are lovely, the story is lovely. No, this still isn't my review because I'm saving it, okay? I want it to be a good one, I want it to be thorough, I feel like this book and this author deserve that much. If you're on the fence about buying it, let me give you something that may draw you on in.


“You don’t have to help.”

“I want to.” Jason stands next to me as I wash the plates and he dries them for me. “I
know I kinda showed up here and interrupted your dinner. Sorry about that.”

“Kinda showed up? More like you did show up,” I tease.

“Potato, potahto. But, I can’t stop thinking about you. This isn’t a line I grabbed from
some cheesy movie. I know, I know, I don’t even know you,” he chuckles when I raise
an eyebrow. “But I’ve seen enough to know I want to. I want to help you discover what
your dreams are and watch you offer your daughter the best life she can have.”

“It’s complicated with her around. She already expects to see you everyday, and this is
only the third time she’s seen you. I always thought if I ever met someone, and that was
a big if, I’d get to know the man really well first, before introducing him to my daughter.
This is backwards. It’s almost as if she’s gotten to know you before I have. It’s confusing
for her.”

“So let me get to know you.” He angles his body toward me. “Let me show you who I
am. It’s easy with her because she came right up to me, offered me a cookie, and
started talking as if I was her best friend. I guess kids are less guarded in that sense.”

He casts his eyes down a moment. I place my hand over his.

“They’ve got it easy, don’t they?” I ask him, trying to lighten the mood.

“Yup.” Jason continues drying the plate he was working on.

I’m not the only one with a past.

*Copyright 2018, Fabiola Francisco

They're sweet, right? Just...if you don't come out of this book half in love with Jason, just don't...don't look at me. He's sweet, he's thoughtful, he's stubborn and steadfast...and I know, he's fictional. But this is the kind of book you take to the beach and just say, "ah, if only dating and falling in love were really like this for people like me."

Because let's face it, sometimes dating makes you feel just a tiny bit like an alien trying to assimilate. You're not sure what you're doing there, the person across from you is a foreign brand of weird, you're trying to have a conversation that's just not going anywhere--

Sorry, sorry, I know this isn't about me.

Anyway. This is a great book and I'll save my own personal horror stories for a later date.

Did I mention this book is out today? Baby, you can get your hands on a copy of this beautiful thing, so go get it. Then come back and read my review, we'll talk it out over coffee. It'll be great.

But you wanna find out more about the lovely human behind these books? Because I have a bit of a write up, if you're curious, and about a billion ways for you to get ahold of her if you wanna, I dunno, see what she's up to or pester her about her next book. I'll probably be doing that last one on Instagram in a bit, don't you worry.

The woman behind the curtain:
Fabiola Francisco loves the simplicity—and kick—of scotch on the rocks. She follows Hemingway’s philosophy—write drunk, edit sober. She writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance, dipping her pen into new adult and young adult. Her moods guide her writing, taking her anywhere from sassy and sexy romances to dark and emotion-filled love stories.

Writing has always been a part of her life, penning her own life struggles as a form of therapy through poetry. She still stays true to her first love, poems, while weaving longer stories with strong heroines and honest heroes. She aims to get readers thinking about life and love while experiencing her characters’ journeys.

She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. Her other loves are country music, exploring the outdoors, and reading.

Here she is:

I think that wraps it up, loves. I'm just gonna leave this here and urge you one more time to go spend a couple of bucks on this book because I just...I just have a lot of feelings, okay?