Release Day: Mrs. February

Well, since this is the most Monday-y Monday to have ever Monday'ed, I'm a little late on this -- that does not, however, mean I am any less pumped to be bringing this lovely book to you guys. Mrs. February is out now! Yay! And the author is hosting a giveaway! I made it easy, you can find it here. Go get you a piece of this pie, my man.

Oh, I'm sorry, did you need me to sweeten the deal for you?

Let's  have a little excerpt, yeah?

“Mail call.” Dylan dropped a thick letter-sized envelope on my workbench. I wiped my hands on a shop rag and slid my finger under the seal. Whatever was inside had been folded several times, and it looked like it had been pulled from a magazine.
I unfolded it carefully. The first side I looked at was the jump from an article that must have been on a previous page, talking about some romance novel. There were a few ads as well, but none of it was anything that would have interested me.
That wasn’t the case with the flip side.
The black-and-white image took up the entire page. The couple was wet, and steam swirled around them. The man looked straight at the camera over the top of the woman’s head. His hand was splayed against her lower back, pulling her toward him, just below the strands of long, wet blond hair. Her arms held his, and her face was turned, just slightly, making it difficult to make out her features. They were angled just enough that I could see that her breasts were crushed against his chest.
The similarity to Rain was striking, but it could have been a coincidence. I would have tried harder to convince myself if it hadn’t been for the tiny sparrow tattoo on her left hip.
I don’t know how long I stood there staring, how long I stood there not breathing. My heart not beating.
Something clanked behind me, jarring me enough to fold the paper in half and then in half again. I kept folding until it was small enough to tuck into my shirt pocket. I turned the envelope over. No return address, but it was stamped. Only the stamp wasn’t canceled.
The steady whir of an air gun filled my ears. Scott cursed at Erik. A tire bounced across the cement floor of the bay. I snatched the envelope from my workbench and stalked into Dylan’s office. He was standing with his back to the door, searching through his filing cabinet.
“Where did this come from?” I asked, trying hard to keep my voice from shaking.
He glanced over his shoulder. “Where did what come from? The envelope?”
“Yeah.” I held it up. “This.”
“With the rest of the mail.” He slammed the drawer shut and took his coffee mug from the top of the cabinet. “Why? Bad news?”
I shook my head. “It doesn’t have a cancellation mark.”
He took the envelope from my hand and studied it. “Beats me. It was in with today’s mail, though. Maybe the post office missed it. It happens.”
“I guess.”
“You sure you’re okay?”
I left his office and kept walking. Out the front bay, around the corner, and along the side of the building to the back where my truck was parked. I unlocked the door, stashed the folded paper back in the envelope, and shoved it into the glove compartment.
My stomach rolled as if I were on the open sea in the middle of a storm. I wanted to vomit. Or punch something.
I closed my eyes, but the image of my wife only grew sharper. Where her hands rested on his biceps, I felt them. Where her breasts pressed against his chest, I felt that too. Whoever the fucker was, he knew the silkiness of her skin and that her hair smelled like vanilla.
I stalked away from my truck, pacing behind the building. I didn’t stop to think. My hand coiled into a fist, and I punched. Pain shot through my hand. My knuckles were raw, bloody from where they’d met with the cinderblock wall. I wanted to hit it again, to drive my fist through to the other side, but I could no longer close my hand into a fist. The area around my knuckles grew warm and the skin turned a mix of reds, blues, and purples.
“Fuck,” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Then I spun and kicked the side of the building.
Because that was going to make everything better.
And yes, for the record, the rest of the book is equally as intense. It's so, so good. I really, really wish I had read the first one (I find myself saying this a lot lately) and I'm so in love with Karen's writing that I'm gonna go back and read it. It's worth it.

So yeah, Mrs. February is out today and if you have Kindle unlimited, you can totally just get in there and read it. I'd suggest you do it, I definitely want to hear how you feel about it!


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