Travel Bug: Travel Essentials

I must be feeling restless. Sure, I just returned from a trip and I'm sketching out plans for my next one, but I feel the know the one. The soul deep yearning to step out of your every day routine and shake it up a little. I've had this problem for as long as I've been alive and, truly, I blame my parents for it. Dad's a soldier from Kansas, Mom's from south Alabama (where I was born), so I grew up on the move. How could I be anything but a wanderer?

With that in mind, let's talk travel essentials. Things I refuse to leave home without, that I really think you should consider the next time you want to get on a plane.

  1. Head Phones. I need music more than I need most things in life, to be honest with you. It sets the mood, it quiets my racing thoughts, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have it. Chances are, if you've been on an airplane that offers free earbuds then you know they suck, so I prefer to always keep a pair on me. The JLab Audio JBuds PRO are perfect for those of us with tiny ears because of their little fins designed to keep that darn thing in your ear. I wear them to the gym and, I promise you, nothing stays in better for a walk (or run) than these bad boys.
  2. Toothy Tabs & Mouthwash Tabs. When it comes to flying with liquids, the struggle is real, and I'm always so paranoid about them leaking through their required plastic bag. I usually only fly with a carry-on (I've learned the art of packing light), so I hate packing liquids because they just take up space I'm sure I'll need on the return flight. Lush's toothy tabs and mouthwash tabs just save my life: they're solid and their containers are so small they're easy to throw in my makeup bag.
  3. Something to read or something to watch. I have a love/hate relationship with riding in a car/on a train/in a plane because I get motion sickness. If I'm on a plane, I can usually handle reading on my Kindle app (or a physical book, if I think to bring one), but sometimes the recycled air just gets to me, y'know? I've discovered Netflix is much easier to have playing because if I can't look at it, I can still hear it.
  4. Something to wear. I  tend to travel to places that have a bit of a chill to them in the morning or evening (my usual arrival times), and even if they don't, I can be sure that the airport will always be just a little bit nippy. This year I invested in an incredible cardigan from Maurices (I can't find mine, but I recommend this one), it's unbelievably cozy. In the past I've taken this scarf my old roommate gave me for Christmas a few years ago. It's light enough to pair with just about anything and not overheat, but warm enough to beat the airport a/c.
I think that about wraps it up. My wardrobe changes with the season, I always have flats but I feel like that could be another post entirely, and jewelry will definitely be another post. Do you have any travel tips you want to share with me? Pop on over to my Instagram @tamarahtoday and let me know! I'm always looking for new tips to save time.

Stay safe, I'll talk to you later.

See you,


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