Book Look: Verity

We need to talk about Verity.

When my sister got into Colleen Hoover, she tried to drag me down that path and I resisted the whole way. "The way she writes just isn't for me," I'd tell her. "I'm a fan of her as a person, she seems pretty legit, but I'm just not sold on her storytelling."

And then All Your Perfects came out and I took a chance on it. It was good, it was solid, I could identify with Quinn on a personal level. The book hurt my heart but, you know, in a good way. In a satisfying way. Yes, I'm one of those women who likes for my novels to make me cry/ache on a deeply personal level. It's cathartic. I have problems (trust me, I'm aware).

But we need to talk about Verity because this book is fucked. It completely changed my opinion about Colleen's writing and I'm so happy about that.

If you don't want spoilers then you need to stop reading, like, two sentences ago. Definitely stop reading now.

Okay, so I like to think our protagonist Lowen is the definition of a beige bitch - there isn't anything that really stood out to me about her, she just seems kind of dull - definitely depressed but, I mean, her mom died so there's gonna be some depression there. I love that this book opens with a person getting hit by a bus (I think it's a bus, I'm not gonna go back and check because I'm lazy) - this is how I felt at the end of this book. I was here to have a good time, enjoy a nice romance, then I stepped into oncoming traffic.

From the minute Lowen met Jeremy, I felt like something was definitely off, and then she agrees to finish writing his recently disabled wife's series...which will require her to stay in the house and go through the wife's office. And I was like, "Oh man, don't go in there. Don't do it. You're gonna have a bad time, you're gonna regret it."

I mean, think about it: this guy has recently lost 2/3 of his children and his wife potentially attempted suicide, everything tells you there's something really wrong there. If you watched the Lifetime adaptation of You by Caroline Kepnes, then you know what I'm talking about. Jeremy and Joe feel like they're cut from the same cloth and, I mean, I was kind of wrong but also kind of right? And Verity. She gave me some serious Rebecca vibes: the perfect-on-paper wife who isn't actually so perfect...or is she? Verity's autobiography So Be It gave me chills, in the chapters between those chapters I felt antsy, wanting to get back into Verity's brain because I think psychotic people are fascinating.

The end of this book is a roller coaster, man. Verity isn't who I thought she was, Jeremy was only kind of who I thought he was, Lowen is definitely not who I thought she was - and then it ends. It ends and I was sitting here saying, "no, what? There's more right? That went so fast! I need more!" The ending was perfect, it was an appropriate way to end the mindfuck that was this book, but I'm dying for a re-read and it's only been a few days.

I blame my sister for this, I really do. She's the best worst. If you liked You or The Wife Between Us or Our Kind of Cruelty, or really anything by Gillian Flynn, you'll love this. I need for HBO or Netflix to pick this book up and make it a limited series, it has amazing potential.


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