To-Read List: January 2019

Since this has primarily been a book blog, I figured we should talk about what's on my to-read list for the year. Some of these are previously released books, but there are some new releases on there as well.

The first on my list is getting my hands on Volume 7 of The Wicked + The Divine. You may remember me becoming completely obsessed with this series back in the fall. They released this volume in October and books are expensive, so I've been waiting for it to be available on interlibrary loan. I'm hoping this will be my lucky week. Volume 8 is going to be released in March and I have a mighty need.

Next on my list is The Au Pair by Emma Rous, though I'm not sure if it's fair to put it on this list since I'm technically reading it right now. Well, I'm trying to. It's following on the heels of my obsession with The Wife Next Door and You, and I'll admit that it's dragging for me. I keep wanting it to be interesting, but it just hasn't grabbed me. I was really excited by this book's description, so I'm hoping I'll find a way to get into it.

Storm Front is currently sitting in my car. Someone told me The Dresden Files was both a must-read and a must-watch. I always really liked the idea of it, even though it looks like it went the way of Firefly, which is disappointing, but I read at the end of last year that one of the networks optioned the rights for it. There's just a certain appeal about a wizard detective, you know? And someone said his portrayal of the faerie courts is on point and, well, for those of you who know me personally, you know why I have an interest in this right now.

Something I've said a thousand times is that I don't really do romance novels, and I'll stand by that. They're too formulaic for me and, honestly, too unrealistic. Which is part of the escapism appeal, I get that...I guess I just haven't been in the mood for a love story lately. That probably says more about me as a person than I want it to, but anyway, Karina Halle has a novel she just teased on Instagram that I have a mighty need for. Ireland, fake engagements, main character whose backstory looks like an excerpt from my life? Sign me up (never mind the fact that I've never read one of this woman's books, I'm sold on this one).

Someone I'm not super into who has something exciting coming out this year? Luanne Rice. Apparently this woman writes a mean romance novel, but I don't think I'll ever find out. Pretend She's Here is apparently a YA novel - I guess she's written another? I dunno - but this one looks so good, I can't help but get excited about it. Its description reads like a suspense novel, I'm so pumped to find out if it's as good as it looks.

I did finish Ash Princess at the end of last year, and boy did I have feelings about it. I thought the storytelling was fantastically done, Theo/Thora went to some dark places but I was invested in her the entire time. I couldn't fault her for her decisions, even when you knew they were bad ones, because if someone had been torturing me for years, I can't say I wouldn't also snap. My only concern is that Lady Smoke is gonna go heavily political the way Glass Sword did and it's just gonna lose me. I think my problem with Glass Sword also stems from the seafaring aspect of it and I. just. hate. stories on a boat. I love pirates in theory, but you put me on a boat in the middle of nowhere and suddenly I'm snoring. The last book had a ship at the end and I just...really hope I can power through it.

Now this guy? He's a Beauty and the Beast retelling if I ever saw one. Handsome prince who turns into a destructive beast at some point? Check. Beautiful girl with a tragic backstory who ends up probably saving him? Check. Look, I was raised on fairy tales. The Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, my mother read them all. I grew up in the age of all things Disney, The Swan Princess, and Thumbelina. This appeals to the deep, dark part of me that's still totally into princesses. Brigid Kemmerer has apparently written other things I haven't heard about (and, after looking at them, am not remotely inclined to read).

The rest of the books on my list don't currently have a lot out about them, which is probably why I'm intrigued. I'll leave the book covers down below, so you can search for them if you like, but I don't have anything to say about them except that I'm interesting in where they go.

If there's anything coming out that you think I'll like, come yell at me on Instagram. Or Twitter, since I've gone crawling back there.

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